Welcome to Tzatziki, the best local restaurant that serves Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. If you’re unfamiliar with Greek and Mediterranean fare, stay tuned, as we’ll go over some of our favorite dishes from our Greek and Mediterranean menu. But first, we’ll introduce ourselves. Let’s get started!

About Tzatziki

You may be wondering about our name. Don’t worry; most people are unfamiliar with it. Tzatziki is a traditional Greek sauce that is made with yoghurt as the base with cucumbers and many other spices, such as dill, garlic, salt, and lemon juice. It is most popularly served with mezes, another Greek staple and traditional food that is usually a plate full of small appetizers. However, tzatziki is used on all Greek food as a condiment, much like you’d use mayonnaise, mustard, or ketchup. It’s used to dip in your gyro or kebob, as well as your other Greek roasted meats and vegetables. In essence, it goes great on every Greek or Mediterranean dish you’ll find at Tzatziki in Toronto.

At Tzatziki, all of our Greek and Mediterranean are homemade and authentic, so you can experience a taste of Greece right here in Toronto. Now with two locations to serve you, we are excited and privileged to be bringing you the best Greek and Mediterranean food. Visit us today!

What is Greek food?

Greek food is considered a Mediterranean food for the simple fact that Greece is located on the Mediterranean Sea. There are many similarities as well; however, there are important differences too. Being on a body of water, you’ll find Greek food is rich in seafood offerings, as well as pasta, vegetables, and olives. Olives are from olive trees that are native to Greece and contribute to the unique flavor of Greek food. Greek food also utilizes a lot of other protein sources, especially lamb and beef, because sheep and cows do very well in the climate of Greece.

What is Mediterranean food?

Mediterranean food encompasses food from the entire region of the Mediterranean Sea, with local differences aplenty. In fact, the term Mediterranean food wasn’t formally used until the 1950s to describe the way food is prepared and the ingredients used. Mediterranean food and cuisine are not to be confused with the Mediterranean Diet, which is a weight loss plan that uses foods that are plentiful in the Mediterranean culinary world, but excludes many.


The heart of our restaurant is the people who bring you the delicious Greek and Mediterranean food you enjoy every time you stop in one of our Toronto restaurants. Our staff brings a huge smile to your face not only with our cheerfulness but also with the best food preparation in the city. When you stop in one of our Greek restaurants in Toronto, you can rest assured that the food you order is freshly prepared, tastes amazing, and satisfies you to the core. We pride ourselves on customer experience, and we want you to experience some of the best Mediterranean food around.


With the goal to give you the most options possible when you want to relish Greek food and/or Mediterranean food, we offer Greek food delivery service, partnering with Uber Eats. We have our fabulous Greek restaurant that is stylish and comfortable when you want to enjoy top-notch dine-in service. And we offer pick-up service when you’re in a rush and just want to stop by and grab your food to go. As always, Tzatziki in Toronto is constantly innovating new offerings and specials to give you the best in Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Partake of one of our fabulous offerings today!