Finally, a great Greek restaurant that delivers downtown!

I love Greek food, and I think it’s safe to say it’s my favourite cuisine. But for the past few years I’ve struggled to find a truly great Greek restaurant that delivers to downtown Toronto. I think I may have finally found my place.

I tried out their chicken souvlaki dinner and it did not disappoint! The chicken was perfectly seasoned and cooks. The potatoes were very lemony (if I’m being overly critical I would maybe say they border on being almost too lemony and verging on bitter) and their rice is excellent. The Greek salad is made with very fresh ingredients, and features a simple oil and vinegar dressing (how authentic!). While I might have preferred a slightly more flavourful dressing, it’s better than what you get from most delivery places (read: packaged).

And we mustn’t forget the Tzatziki, their namesake. It was some of the best I’ve ever tasted. Fresh, creamy, with plenty of garlic (this is not for garlic haters). I ordered a side of it, mostly so my order would qualify for delivery, and received a rather sizeable container of it, which I cannot complain about!

The food is fresh, and delicious. The portion sizes are quite large, which is great if you want left-overs for your lunch the next day (I suggest opting for the large if that’s that case). The price isn’t bad either! It’s pricer than, say, delivery pizza, but it’s much fresher and a whole lot better for you. Highly recommended!

Adam Schoales