Finally found a killer REAL Greek restaurant – when we go to the Danforth we usually stick to the usual, larger restaurants you find along the strip. This time, it was 1:30am on a Saturday night and nothing was open … until we turned north on Pape and saw this little gem with a bunch of guys ordering food. So, we pulled in and ordered gyros and souvlaki dinners and the food was amazing. The best chicken gyros I’ve ever had, the souvlaki was tender, even their salad was amazing … and husbands usually tell us “salad is like sucking air” but there was nothing left on the plates. The food came quick, it was hot and fresh. They are super friendly (even at 2 in the morning!) and wow they are open until 6am. You really can’t believe the price too. Two couples dined for $62, taxes in. So, we are returning asap. Definitely must try this place.